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Chemical agents for mining

For this branch of industry we have developed chemical auxiliary agents that enable us to simplify manufacturing processes in just a few steps.

These include defoaming agents which are absolutely essential for manufacturing phosphoric acid (P205) made of raw phosphate. Depending on the amount of organic particles in the raw phosphate, when concentrated sulphuric acid is introduced in an exothermic reaction, enormous quantities of foam are produced, which seriously disturb the filtration process. Here help can be provided by products from our series of DEFOSPUM defoaming agent products, which not only help the manufacturing process but also have a positive impact on quantity.

Flocculants, like our non-ionogenic polyacrylamide DEFOFLOC, are also used in the subsequent filtration process. Our DEFOFLOAT types are used all over the world for separating and washing coal. These are flotation agents which support an optimal exploitation of the coal mining.

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