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Process chemicals for the sugar and food industries

For several years we have been successfully developing diverse chemical processes for these branches of industry, which simplify and control production sequences. This has enabled a manufacturing process that is easier to control whilst at the same time monitoring costs and deployment of the absolutely necessary auxiliary operating materials. The related automatic dosing system, which we also developed, is an integral part of our know-how for optimized use of the auxiliary materials.

  • defoaming agents for beet washing and extraction
  • cooking aids
  • flocculants for cleaning juice and waste water
  • disinfectants
  • PH stabilizer

DEFONASE®: enzymes against polysaccharides/dextran.
DEFOFLOC® 2740 TR: flocculants for juice clarification.
DEFOTEST® dH: automatic online hardness control units.
DEFOTROL®: automatic antifoam control and dosing units.
DEFOSPUM®-Types: antifoam agents for all stages of sugar production.
DEFOSPUM® FKLN: wetting agent for final boilings – viscosity reducer.
DEFOSCALE® VZK: highly efficient antiscaling agent for evaporation station.
DEFOSTAB®: Biostabilizer - based on natural raw materials.