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Biostabilizer DEFOSTAB® for use in the oil and gas industry

DEFOTEC offers the biostabilizer DEFOSTAB® based on natural raw materials for the oil and gas industry, especially for use in the process of geothermics and fracking.

DEFOSTAB 220 is a natural biostabilizer which acts against microorganism and consists of a combination of native fatty acids and vegetable resins. The ingredients prevent unwanted microbiological growth and thus a deterioration of the properties of the drilling fluids. It also maintains the required viscosity, avoids unwanted odours and other problems caused by microorganism.

Biostabilizer DEFOSTAB® for use in the sugar industry

In the sugar-processing industry, DEFOSTAB 220 can avoid (!) and replace by 100% the use of carcinogenic formaldehyde during the extraction of sugar from sugar beets and it also can be used as cleaning agent in juice as well as pipes, containers and heat exchangers. DEFOSTAB 220 is also used as a pH stabilizer during sugar extraction and prevents the formation of lactic acids.

DEFOSTAB 220 can be used as a biostabilizer for various applications. The advantages are the reduction of chemical auxiliaries throughout the process. The biostabilizer is also suitable for removing dirt and deposits. DEFOSTAB 220 can also be used for cooling systems and for cleaning ion exchangers.