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Process additive DEFOKALK®

Not all waters are equal. Water is in many industries the most important component of the entire production process and subject to high qualitative requirements.

By offering the product DEFOKALK®, DEFOTEC offers the opportunity to optimise production processes by increasing the pH value and by simultaneously reducing the costs.

Using the paper industry as an example, it can be shown that the effectiveness of biocide products is efficiently supported and that fewer deposits are generated in the machine circuit, which contributes to a higher availability of the paper machine. In addition, the water hardness will be reduced by DEFOKALK® in a targeted manner, which means that other chemical additives can be more affective. Furthermore, odour emissions are significantly reduced by the binding of organic acids.

The waste water cleaning plants benefit from the use of DEFOKALK® due to the improved control of the anaerobic and aerobic processes in water treatment.

Our team develops an individual concept that provides an optimum of water quality for the customer.